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A City Girl Eats: Cancun, Mexico

I have adored Mexican food ever since I started exploring the Hispanic & Latino neighbourhoods of California. For the longest time “Ol Del Paso” was my only experience of Mexican food.

Fast-forward a few years and it’s now one of my favourite cuisines. When I told my Mexican roommate I was going to Cancun for a few days she was so excited for me as she knows how much I love the food and culture. Having shared her cooking skills with me, I couldn’t wait to experience the real deal.

Here’s what and where I ate in Mexico!


Upon arriving at our hostel we wandered the area and found a nice restaurant close by. The decor here was amazing, so colourful with walls painted with Frida Kahlo.

Naturally we ordered Corona’s and guacamole, the perfect introduction to Cancun. I ordered my favourite Mexican dish, carnitas tacos! And as always they did not disappoint.


For breakfast on my second day here, I had melon and chilaquiles. I’d had this once before and really liked it. You won’t find this in many Mexican restaurants unless it is a more authentic place.

It’s a pretty simple dish, consisting of tortilla chips, salsa, beans, crema and cheese. I prefer green salsa to red.

Buffet In The Yucatan

During my tour of Chichen Itza, the tour company provided a buffet. I only ate a small portion of this, simply because everything was open in the outside with tons of flies around and nothing seemed to be refrigerated. Needless to say I didn’t get food poisoning!

I did try the food here, but everything was lacking flavour. The good part is that it was free!

Chuchito Perez

On my last full day in Cancun we ate in a more touristy area. We opted for a place called “Chuchito Perez” it had a good view of the ocean but the food was mediocre. I had carnitas tacos again and but was mostly fat. Not good at all. I realise that carnitas has to be cooked in a lot of fat for it to be as tender as it is, but I’ve eaten this at many authentic Mexican restaurants and this place was one of the worst. Prices here were in line with what you would find in the US.

Go for drinks and the view, avoid the food!

Fried Seafood Tacos

We managed to find a very good place near our hostel. Pescaditos does the best fried seafood tacos I’ve ever had. The habanero mayo was amazing and the most I spent here was probably around $8, this includes beer. I didn’t take any photos of this place unfortunately, but it was the cheapest and best place I ate during my time in Cancun. We came back another two times after our initial visit. If you are in this area, you need to check this place out!

Image taken from google

Cafe Andrade

We came here for breakfast on my last day before I left for the airport. I ordered a latte and… well I’m not really sure the dish was called. I never got a photo of the menu, and I can’t seem to find a menu online. If anyone happens to know what the name of this dish is, please let me know! All I know is, it was a popular breakfast dish in Mexico, and really really good!

It did have eggs, chrorizo, peppers, onions, and beans.

It’s safe to say that I was in pure food heaven. Please take me back to Cancun!

Have you ever tried authentic Mexican? What is your favourite cuisine?

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