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A City Girl Eats: Montreal, Quebec

A City Girl Eats: Montreal

This past month I visited Montreal for the first time. I was pretty excited to see what Quebec offers in terms of food and I was not disappointed.


I’d never heard of poutine and had no idea what it was when I first moved to Canada. I guess it’s just like cheesey chips and gravy, for anyone who’s from the UK. But poutine is different, it’s cheese curds and they have to be fresh! If they don’t squeak in your mouth, it’s not a good poutine. After waiting two years to try my first poutine I finally did so in Quebec, and it was so good.

Poutine is now the first thing I think of when I think of Canadian food!

A large poutine from La Belle Province will cost you $8 CAD


Located in the Old Port of Montreal, Tommy is a charming little café that is the perfect place for Brunch. I ordered a latte and the prosciutto omelette. Probably one of the best omelette’s I’ve ever had, it was served in a skillet alongside a salad and piece of toast. Would highly recommend this place!

St. Hubert

Before coming to Montreal, my friend Laura raved about St. Hubert. It’s a chain restaurant you’ll only find in the province of Quebec, a rotisserie restaurant best known for it’s chicken. I loved the barbecue sauce that comes with the chicken; I’d say it’s closer to gravy but still very good.

I was a massive fatty and decided to order a three-course meal. I left stuffed and bloated!

Taverne 1909

Taverne 1909 is a bar located inside of the Bell Centre. We came in here for a few drinks during happy hour but I really enjoyed the atmosphere here. I wouldn’t recommend coming here on game nights however!

Le Warehouse

On my last day in the city we ate at Le Warehouse on Crescent Street. This place is exactly the same as Furniture Warehouse here in Whistler, where everything on the menu is $5. There is generally one of these in every major Canadian city and a good way to save some cash. My favourite is always the wings, they are cheap and the skin is always so crispy.

Have you ever tried poutine? What did you think?

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