Welcome To A City Girl Outside

Welcome to A City Girl Outside

My name’s Rachael, Welcome to my blog! What is it all about?

The name for this blog came from my very first ‘authentic’ camping trip, last year on Vancouver Island. I was severely underprepared for what lie ahead. Despite being told by my boyfriend what to expect, as always, I chose to ignore him. Needless to say, I realised that I have zero experience with being in the real outdoors. I ended up wearing his clothes for three days because sun dresses just won’t keep you warm!

Adding to my experience of “the outdoors”, it was a challenge hiking the Joffre lakes with no phone service (and at the same time rather scary). I’ve since added many more National Parks and hikes onto my ticked off list, but I’d still consider a city trip getting “outside”.

This blog isn’t just about getting outside, out of my house, my culture, my comfort zone. It’s about exploration. Seeing things for the first time. It’s getting the travel anxiety, but doing what you’ve always wanted anyway!

For the longest time I was terrified of traveling alone. Until I did it. It felt liberating. Despite all my nerves I’d proven to myself that as scary as something might seem I can still accomplish what I want to. I was 21 when I first traveled alone and when I came home I wanted to continue traveling. But never did, I told myself it was stupid and I needed to grow up. Well, I’m turning 30 next year and I still haven’t “grown up”. I’ve since realised that that just wasn’t for me, so I’m going to continue to travel for now, then hopefully buy a house in the near future!

I’ve been away from the UK for just over two years now. I left to move to Canada then spent a year living and working in Walt Disney World.

I’m now currently living back here in Canada. I’ve learnt to fish, fallen off snowmobiles, found a love of camping, learned how to put up a tent, survived the Canadian winters and the summer in the desert. Things I never thought I’d do.

Travel has taught me so much already and it’s given me the opportunity to learn about myself and meet some of the best people.

People always say life begins at the end of your comfort zone, and although I still get the travel anxiety when going somewhere new or alone, nothing is going to stop me from seeing the world.


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