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17 Fall Photoshoot Ideas To Try This Autumn!

It’s that time of year when everything starts to turn shades of red and yellow! Fall is one of my favourite seasons of the year. Sweater weather is here and it’s time to start sipping on pumpkin spice lattes and hot apple cider. The multiple shades of red, orange and yellow make for the perfect photoshoot backdrop! Here are 17 fun Fall photoshoot ideas for your next Instagram post. 

1) Throw A Pumpkin In The Air

This is a really fun and easy idea and can be done with a variety of sizes. Obviously the smaller the better! In this photo I wanted the pumpkin to be perfectly placed over my face (which hides my concentration face!) so a camera with a fast shutter speed is a must! You can go smaller than the pumpkin in this shot as it will be easier to catch than a big one!

Photo of a girl standing in a pumpkin patch surrounded by white pumpkins. She is wearing blue jeans, a grey sweater and a blue flannel shirt with a brown fedora. She stands in amongst the pumpkins while throwing one in the air, the pumpkin is covering her face.

2) Kiss a Pumpkin

Another really easy shot and can be incorporated into many different compositions. I just wouldn’t recommend actually kissing the pumpkin…

Photo of a girl sitting in a pumpkin patch, surrounded by orange pumpkins. She is sitting and holding a pumpkin in her right hand pretending to kiss the pumpkin. 

Visiting a pumpkin patch is a must during fall and a great place for a photoshoot!

3) Surround Yourself with Leaves

There are many ways you can composition this shot. Find a really leafy area of a park, sit your butt down and throw as many leaves as you can around yourself. Simple! 

4) Throw Leaves In The Air

This is a fall photoshoot staple. Throwing crispy leaves in the air. Try to find an area of a park with a nice backdrop with little to no people. You’ll need a quick shutter speed for this shot too. 

5) Walk Through A Pumpkin Patch

Visiting a pumpkin patch during fall is a must. I just love the orange shades of all the different types of pumpkins. I try to visit the most aesthetic pumpkin patch in the area, many places will stage areas specifically for taking photos so take advantage of these! This pumpkin patch in Vancouver had the cutest pumpkin house to use a backdrop.

6) Hold A Single Leaf To The Camera

I love this shot of a perfectly red single maple leaf. Find a tree lined street and pick out the best leaf you can find. For this shot you’ll need to create a soft depth of field. The leaf takes all the attention in this shot! 

7) Lay In The Leaves And Take The Photo From Above

Find an area with lots of fallen dry leaves, scoop them together and then lay down in them. Hold a big single leaf out in from of your face and take the photo from Above. You can do this shot in many different ways. A wide angle lens is recommended for this shot so that you can get all the surrounding leaves in the frame.

8) Hold A Pumpkin Close To The Camera

Just like the maple leaf photo above, this shot is really similar but with a small pumpkin. I took this shot in forest so it was more shaded and edited it with a spooky vibe. 

9) Sit On A Pumpkin

Find a really big sturdy pumpkin at the pumpkin patch and take a seat. You may want to test the pumpkin first before sitting on it, or else you’ll be sitting in squash! 

10) Hold A Pumpkin Up To Your Face – Pumpkin Eye Patch!

For this shot you’ll want to find some of the smallest pumpkins in the patch! Find a place to stage your photo, for this one I sat in one of the few non-muddy/dry areas of the pumpkin patch. 

11) Add Smoke To Your Pumpkins For A Spooky Effect

This photo idea is one of my favourites! It took a while to find the right location but eventually we wandered into a quiet mossy forest and found the perfect backdrop. The smoke bombs themselves are considered fireworks so just be careful where you let them off. The ones I purchased lasted for 90 seconds which is really not that long at all. 

I’d recommend buying more than one smoke grenade as it was really hard to photograph the smoke. You’ll need to constantly move the pumpkin around to get the desired effect. Most of the time I couldn’t see anything from the smoke and you need to act fast. The end result is amazing and super fun! Make sure you wear something bright to counteract the dark tones. 

12) Take A Photo Of Your Feet Surrounded By Pumpkins

Find a big pile of pumpkins while at the pumpkin patch and place your feet in amongst them. Use a wide angle lens to get the full effect! 

13) Go Into The Forest

Find a forest or woodland and stage your photos there! The spookier the better! I’m obsessed with mossy forests and I think they make for the most magical photos, but if you don’t have a mossy forest nearby, head to your nearest park and take your photos in amongst the trees. 

14) Incorporate Food Into Your Photos

An easy fall photo idea is to photograph your fall and Halloween snacks! I bought these cute mini donuts while at the pumpkin patch, and what better background than a big pile of pumpkins! 

16) Hold A Pumpkin And Take The Shot From Above

Put on your favourite fall sweater and hold your pumpkin out in front of you. Have your photographer (aka Husband) photograph the shot from higher above you. Voila!

17) Make A Fall Flat lay

Flat lays are all over Instagram during the Fall season. Create your own using sweaters, logs, candles, mugs, leaves, pumpkins and fairy lights! 

17) Take Photos With An Old Truck

Nothing says Fall or Halloween like an old style rusty truck filled with pumpkins! This photo op can be found at Taves Farm in Abbotsford near Vancouver! 

Watching the leaves slowly turn colour always gets me excited for the fall weather. Picking out the perfect fall sweater to wear while sipping on pumpkin spice lattes and lighting a candles at home is my favourite! Hopefully I have inspired you go to and take your own fall photos this year. If you have any more ideas I can add to my own portfolio, let me know in the comments!

Happy Fall Ya’ll! 


  1. I love this time of the year so I’m definitely going to try some of these photo ideas out! Thanks for the tips!

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