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A City Girl Hikes: The Grand Canyon’s Rim Trail

A City Girl Hikes: The Grand Canyon’s Rim Trail

In July this year I returned to the Grand Canyon for a second time. This time I was spending two nights here camping with my G adventures group. Hiking the Grand Canyon is one of many bucket list adventures in Arizona.

On my previous visit back in April, we were on a day tour from Las Vegas. So had minimal time here, considering the 3-4 hour drive either way. So this time around I got to experience far more.

Upon arriving to the Grand Canyon, Lindsey our tour guide insisted we put paper bags over our heads. I started to wonder if it was because I was makeup-free today, but no, it was for a big reveal. For the majority of people on our tour, it would be their first time ever seeing the Grand Canyon, and a major highlight for most.

We linked hands and with our bag covered faces, were lead to a lookout point. On the count of three, we removed them to reveal the most spectacular view. Even a second time around it stunned me.

After getting in our “wow” photos, we proceeded to a picnic area to have lunch. Our campground tonight was Mather campground, inside the National Park itself. We set up camp and headed back to the Grand Canyon. We were given a few hours on our own exploring and planning the next day’s hikes.

Tonight we watched the sunset over the Grand Canyon while eating pizza. Not a bad way to spend a day, eh?

Upon waking up the following morning, I exited my tent and noticed everyone looking in the same direction. A male elk had decided to grace us with his presence through our campground. How amazing that we get to see such a creature so close?

Hermit’s Rest

A small group of us decided to hike The Rim Trail this morning. It’s pretty self-explanatory; it’s the trail that goes along the rim of the canyon.

Other people were doing hikes that lead all the way down into the canyon. On a hot day in July, it was just not happening for me. As much as I’d have loved to go to the bottom, it can be really dangerous if not prepared physically. Judging from my hike to the Hollywood sign earlier that month, I decided against it.

There are buses within the park that allow you to stop at each lookout point. But take note that coming back the other way towards the visitor centre, there are limited stops. It’s always handy to carry a pocket map.

We took the bus to the end at Hermit’s Rest. From here we started our hike. Here’s where it’s important to make sure you have enough water. Two of the girls decided to head back to Hermit’s Rest to fill up their water bottles, then they’d get the bus back to the same spot they’d stopped at. Later on, our friend Larissa would also opt out due to a leg injury earlier in the tour.

Then there were three of us.

Storms And Allergic Reactions

It was around 1pm when I decided I could take no more, the sun was at it’s hottest and I was exhausted from the heat. It looked like I’d made the right decision as once I arrived to the bus stop for our campground; I had an allergic reaction to my sunscreen. I’d been sweating so much that it had dripped into my eyes and therefore making me cry uncontrollably. I couldn’t open my eyes, and a storm was approaching. All bus routes along the rim had been suspended and the bus stop was heaving with people. I waited for three buses until I could get on one. Once at the campground I stumbled my way through a forest and managed to find our camp.

My wonderful friend Larissa had eye drops that she’d offered me. What a lifesaver!

I’m happy I’d finally gotten to experience this National Park properly, minus the allergic reaction my time here was great.

Tonight we had a campfire with the other G Adventures tour that were sharing the same campsite. We got to know one another and made s’mores before saying our goodbyes to the Grand Canyon the following morning.

Have you ever visited the Grand Canyon?

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