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Horseshoe Bay Lookout – Where To Find The Sunset Platform

Watching the sunset on a clear sunny day is one of the top free things you can do in Vancouver. Nothing beats watching the sky turn a fiery red as the night slowly sets in. It’s not hard to find a good sunset spot in Vancouver, you can get views from almost anywhere, but one of the lesser-known spots lies in Horseshoe Bay. The Horseshoe Bay Lookout has become well-known in recent years due to social media (We all want to get that photo) but can still be enjoyed at certain times with no one else there!

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Chilling on the platform lookout at Horseshoe Bay
The Horseshoe Bay lookout is a short drive from Downtown Vancouver

How To Get To The Horseshoe Bay Lookout From Vancouver

The Horseshoe Bay lookout is approximately 25 minutes by car from Vancouver. From Downtown Vancouver cross the Lions Gate Bridge and continue onto Marine Drive. From Marine Drive turn onto Taylor Way and pick up the Highway 99. Take exit 2 towards Horseshoe Bay Drive and keep driving just over a kilometre until you find a lay by to park in. 

You can either walk along the road or there is a big enough walkway the other side of the concrete divider to separate you from oncoming vehicles. Once you reach the sign that says “Residential Area. Avoid Using Engine Brakes” you know you’ve reached the spot! 

From here they’ll be an obvious opening/rocky stairway. Walk/climb up the rocks and a wooden platform will reveal itself! Take a seat, enjoy the views and watch the BC Ferries come into port. 

If you know where to find the platform then getting to it should be super easy. The platform isn’t visible from the highway, it is just inches from being seen! You can easily see the highway from the platform however. It’s not that higher than the highway but does overlook a cliff over Horseshoe Bay, so photos always make it look harder to get to than it is. 

Before seeking out the sunset platform I’d read that you need to climb up the side of a big rock. It’s definitely not a climb, it’s more of a set of steps just on a rocky side hill. 

Beautiful views in every direction from the lookout platform in Horseshoe Bay
Beautiful views in every direction
The platform is the perfect location to watch the sunset

When To Visit The Horseshoe Bay Lookout

The best time to visit the lookout is at sunset. It isn’t known as the “sunset platform” for nothing you know! On a clear sunny day you can witness some of the most breathtaking sunsets Vancouver has to offer. Not only this but the views across Howe Sound are stunning and it’s so nice to sit and watch the ferries come in.

Admittedly, I never actually came to this spot at sunset. I came mid-afternoon. One reason is I was heading back home from Vancouver at that time and decided to stop on my way, and two I wanted to visit when I knew it would be quieter. As a result, I had the whole platform to myself! 

And who says you need to visit at sunset? The views of the islands and ferries coming into Horseshoe Bay are beautiful no matter what time of day it is! 

Enjoying a sunny day looking out over Howe Sound from the Horseshoe Bay lookout platform near Vancouver

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The secret sunset lookout in Horseshoe Bay, Vancouver
How to get to the sunset platform in Horseshoe Bay, Vancouver

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