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Route 66: Williams & Seligman, Arizona

Built in 1926, Route 66 is the ultimate American road trip and one of the most scenic drives in Arizona. Originally starting in Chicago and ending in Santa Monica.

During my G Adventures Canyon Country & Coasts tour, we managed to do a couple of pit stops along Route 66.

Williams, AZ

After packing up and saying goodbye to the Grand Canyon, we arrived in the nearby town of Williams.

Pulling into Williams was like stepping back in time to the 1950’s. It was everything you’d expect a town on Route 66 to be, full of diners and old style shops.

We began our short visit at a coffee shop called Brewed Awakenings. There are very few chain restaurants here and it was nice to see so many local businesses.

There are several places to stay in Williams and if you choose to stay overnight or take a few hours to see the town, there is a Route 66 zipline.

Arizona Motor Hotel, Williams, Arizona, Route 66

We wandered the streets for about 30 minutes, taking tourist snaps of the old motels and diners. Then boarded the bus, ready for our next stop.

Route 66, Williams, Arizona

Seligman, AZ

Our second stop along Route 66 was a town called Seligman.

Seligman is the birthplace of “Historic Route 66”. After the adoption of the interstate system in the 1980’s, its residents petitioned to make the iconic highway an Historic Highway.

We stopped here for lunch at a place called Delgadillo’s Snow Cap Diner.

This quick service restaurant specializes in burgers and… well, burgers. This place is full of gags too, when ordering at the counter the staff will continuously throw jokes and props at you. The burger I had here was one of the best, but there was another reason I loved snow-cap so much.

The Disney nerd in me couldn’t wait to check this place out. Snow cap is where the inspiration for the Pixar movie CARS came from.

Delgadillo Snow Cap Diner Seligman Arizona Route 66

In the back of the restaurant you’ll see all crazy kinds of things. But the thing I wanted to see most were the cars. Old time 50s-style cars are decorated as though they are real people with eyes painted onto the windshield. A little creepier than it’s movie counter-part but I really liked the character of this place. It was cheesy, and they knew it, that was the whole point.

Delgadillo Snow Cap Diner Seligman Arizona Route 66

The rest of Seligman was a little strange for me. We didn’t have tons of time to explore the area properly. But what I did see was odd.

These mannequins for example. Was I suddenly in the house of wax movie?

Seligman Arizona Route 66

While Williams was stereotypically 1950’s, Seligman had more of a unique character.

While our time on Route 66 was short, I really enjoyed the time I spent here. It was almost as if time had stood still.

Have you ever wanted to do a road trip through the Historic Route 66?

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