31 Best Road Trip Gifts For The Adventurous Traveler in 2023

Summer is around the corner, and what better way than heading out on an epic road trip? If you have an avid road trip lover in your life and are searching for the best road trip gifts – look no further! This guide details some of the best gifts for those who love hitting the road, from practical to fun.

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In a hurry? I’ve rounded up the best Road Trip Gifts for adventurous travellers below!

Practical Road Trip Gifts

1) Emergency Car Kit

One of the most important things you need to bring on a road trip is an emergency roadside kit. Nothing ruins a road trip more than car troubles. 

This handy kit includes everything you need for those unexpected moments on the road. Included in the kit is jumper cables, multi function shovel (getting stuck in the mud or sand is no fun!) tire repair tools, whistler, flashlight and gloves. 

2) First Aid Kit

Be prepared for anything with a First Aid Kit, I keep one in the car for every road trip.

This First Aid Kit is equipped with all the essentials such as bandages, sting and burn relief and pain relief such as aspirin and ibuprofen. 

3) Backseat Organizer

These backseat organizers are awesome for storing items such as water bottles, snacks, books, Kleenex or sunglasses. Although some vehicles come with back seat pockets, these organizers are awesome for long journeys as there are many more pockets which helps keep the floor free of clutter!

You can even store an iPad or tablet in the clear pouch so the back passengers (or kids!) can watch movies and stay entertained on lengthy journeys. 

4) UV Protection Car Shades

These UV shades are the perfect road trip gift when travelling through the summer months. Their design helps block more than 97% of UV rays, protecting passengers from direct sunlight, all the while ensuring you don’t lose sight of the fantastic views along the way. This pack comes with 2 transparent shades and 2 semi-transparent shades for both the front and rear of the car. All four shades are easy to install with no section cups or glue. 

5) Adventure Road Atlas

Technology can sometimes be unreliable, so having a road atlas is always a good idea on any road trip. This Adventure Atlas by National Geographic covers all 50 states, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. 

Not only does this handy guide have access to many road maps, it’s in a guidebook style which includes recommendations on the top 100 destinations for adventure plus contact information for local tourism offices. 

6) Vehicle Trash Bin

Nothing indicates a good road trip like a messy car. If you are like me you have a habit of sticking trash in the inside of the car door. 

This vehicle trash bin is easy to install on the back of the seat, the glove box or console making it easily accessible. It comes with a built-in waterproof interior which is awesome for all those fast food stops! The straps help secure it so there’s minimal movement while driving. 

Road Trip Camping Essentials

7) Rooftop Tent

The most expensive gift on this list – if you are looking for a high end item that will get lots of use this rooftop tent is a great gift for road trips. This rooftop tent easily mounts onto any truck, SUV or trailer with a roof rack or bed rack and comfortably sleeps 2 people. The 3 large windows and skylight let in plenty of natural light. 

This gift is great for saving room for other road trip essentials and is easy to set-up once you reach your destination. 

8) Iceless Cooler

Save room for more food and drink in your cooler with this Igloo iceless cooler. This cooler plugs into any outlet in order to cool it without ice. Once you are one the road you can recharge the cooler as needed by plugging into the DC port/cigarette lighter. This awesome technology keeps everything inside cool and dry while avoiding any leaks from any melting ice. 

9) Electric Car Pump

Every road trip deserves an adventure, whether it be stopping for a dip in the lake, paddle boarding or camping. This electric car pump comes with 3 different nozzles and will save time inflating a camping mattress, paddle board or floatie. It’s easy to use and plug into the cars DC port. 

10) Camping/Foldable Chairs

Stretching your legs on long road trips is a must. Whether it’s for a coffee break or to take in the fresh air of nature, camping chairs are great way to escape the car and relax for a moment. 

These camping chairs are ultralight and can be set up within seconds. The small design makes it perfect for carrying in a backpack or carry-on luggage. 

11) Folding Camp Table

Road trips bring the freedom to stop off when and wherever you want to. This foldable camping table pairs perfectly with the camping chairs and can be used at a campsite or rest area to prepare snacks and lunches on the road. This table packs down to a small size and is easy to store.

12) Travel Hammock

After a long day on the road nothing beats relaxing in nature. This double camping hammock is great for short stops or multi-day camping trips. This hammock is suitable as a single or double and its lightweight design means it packs down really small. The tree straps and carabiners are included. All you need are two trees and you are all set to get comfy! 

Road Trip Gifts For The Coffee Lover

13) AeroPress Coffee Maker

Coffee is always a must throughout any road trip, however finding your nearest timmies when you are driving between major towns might not be so easy. 

This AeroPress coffee press is the perfect item for staying alert on the road. It’s compact design means it’s easy to grab for any road trip, be it short or long. It packs down pretty small making it really easy to pack. 

Not only does its size make it a great gift for people going on a road trip, it also brews coffee is just 1 minute. So if you do need to make a quick pit stop for coffee, it’ll be ready in no time. 

14) Coffee Thermos

When one cup of coffee just isn’t enough on the road, a thermos will keep you going on those longer routes. This Stanley Thermos is durable and great for keeping your coffee hot for those quick pit stops.  

The great thing about this thermos is that it is designed with a leak resistant lid – so you can ensure no spillage in your backpack or on the road! 

15) Yeti Coffee Mug

Yeti coffee mugs are the perfect companion for long journeys as their MagSlider lid technology ensures minimal spillage.

The double-wall vacuum design protects hands from getting too cold or too hot and have a “no sweat” technology to ensure hands stay dry. These high quality camping mugs are built to last! 

Technology Gifts For Road Trippers

16) GPS System

While a phone is great for GPS navigation, a GPS system can sometimes be more reliable depending on the route. Garmin are known for their high quality products and there GPS systems are some of the best. 

This Garmin DriveSmart 65 can suggest alternate routes and is compatible with smartphones to allow for hands-free calling. It’s the perfect gift for any road trip lover. 

17) Car Phone Charger

An inexpensive but handy gift for a road trip is this car phone charger which plugs into the vehicle’s DC port. This particular device has two USB ports and can charge two devices at once time. 

This small device is a great size to fit in your vehicles console or glove box when not in use. This Anker brand Car Charger also comes with a convenient 18-month warranty. 

18) Car Mount Phone Holder

Maps are great for going off-grid but for road trips with cell-service many travellers use their phone for GPS.

This car mount phone holder is a great road trip essentials gift for keeping any smart phone secure and your hands free and on the steering wheel. 

19) Portable Light

Having access to a light source when heading out on a road trip is important. This solar powered LED lantern is incredibly convenient for any trip as it can be used when camping, hiking, fishing or for emergencies. The collapsable design allows it to be used as a lantern or flashlight. 

This lantern can be charged via USB and takes only 2 hours to full charge. The solar panel uses sunlight to keep the battery charged during your trip. 

Comfort Gifts For A Road Tripper

20) Road Trip Pillow

This ultra-light pillow from Therm-a-rest is one of the best gifts for road trip lovers and comes in a range of designs. Therm-a-rest are known for their high quality products and this pillow is no exception. The compressible design of this pillow makes perfect for road trips, traveling and camping trips. 

21) Road Trip Blanket

Nothing beats snuggling up with a comfy warm blanket during a long road trip. The lightweight design of this Rumple Blanket is the perfect companion for any long journey.

It’s also super compact so saves on car space and durable so can be used as a picnic blanket or camping quilt! 

Fun Gifts For A Road Trip

22) Epic Drives Of The World Book

This Lonely Planet Epic Drives of the World book is organized by continent and features 50 bucket list road trips such as the Pacific Coast Highway, the Icefields Parkway and self-drive safaris in Zambia. 

The pages are full of travel tips, maps and awe-inspiring photographs sure to spark the wanderlust of any avid road tripper. 

23) Conversation Starters

Stay entertained on your road trip with Table Topics – Questions to start great conversations. This box of cards includes 135 thought provoking and engaging questions. 

This box is designed for 12+ and is a great road trip game to play when things become a bit boring or around a campfire at night. 

Road Trip Gift Basket

If the road tripper in your life already has the essentials for their next adventure, why not create a road trip gift basket or care package for them? 

Items such as snacks, hand sanitizer, coffee and Kleenex are a must for every road trip. Add in come compression socks for those drives and Emergenc-C to stay healthy and you’re good to go! 

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