34 Best Stocking Stuffers For Hikers in 2023

Wondering what to get for the hiker that has everything? Filling a stocking with small essentials is a great idea to gift your favourite hiker this year. I’ve complied a list of affordable stocking stuffers for hikers starting at just $5 and up. If you have an avid hiker or backpacker in your life, these gifts are great for almost anyone, even those just starting out who don’t know what they need to start hiking.  

All the gifts mentioned in this guide are small enough to fit in a Christmas stocking and are super affordable – you could even bundle them together to create a gift basket for your favourite hiker. Many of these items are great because they can be gifted every year! There is something for every hiker on this list, whether beginner or advanced, even for the avid winter hikers! 

Read on to discover the best hiking stocking stuffers.

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Hiking Essentials Gift Ideas

Sunscreen / Sunblock

Sunscreen is one of the ten hiking essentials and should be part of every hikers pack. This Sunbum SPF is lightweight, fragrance free, Vegan and water resistant.

If you’re unsure of what the hiker in your life will need, this is always a safe bet to stick in their stocking! 

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a must for ever hiker on any kind of trail. This compact easy to pack First Aid Kit comes with cleansing wipes, bandages, a pair of scissors and more. This makes for a great stocking stuffer for hikers just starting out who may be unsure about what to pack.  

Bug Spray

Stocking stuffers don’t always have to be super fancy, and if you’ve ever hiked in the summer you’ll know many hikers use a lot of bug spray. In fact, I have run-out of all mine this summer (mostly on my trip to Lake Lovely Water) and would love to receive this as a stocking stuffer. You can never have too much bug spray.

This is one of those items that many hikers may forget to purchase each year. This is an easy, cheap and convenient gift for any hiker. 


A headlamp might be something that the hiker in your life either doesn’t yet have, or doesn’t feel they need. A headlamp is a must for me on any hike, even the short ones, as it’s not only good for those early sunrise hikes in the dark but for safety reasons. 

Water Purification Tablets

Although the lakes and streams often look crystal clear and clean, there is bacteria that you can’t see, that’s where treating water with purification tablets comes in. A useful gift for any hiker, these water purification tabs may not be super fancy but will come in handy on any hike where there’s a water source. I carry these on every hike whether it’s a short day hike or overnighter. 

Lip Balm

Just like sunscreen, lip balm is another important item for any hike, especially in the summer months. Lip Balm was always something I would forget on hikes and instantly regret it. Now I leave my ten essentials in my hiking backpack ready for any last minute adventure. These are great for a hiking stocking stuffer as they are super affordable and small. 

Emergency Thermal Blanket

An emergency thermal blanket should be part of every hikers ten essentials. This isn’t the most glamorous of gifts, but it does make a great stocking stuffer for hikers, especially beginners, as it’s something many people purchase later on in their hiking journey. Make sure any hiker on your gift list this year is prepared with this multi-pack of thermal blankets. 

Camping Stocking Stuffers For Hikers

Camping Pillow

When I first started camping I did it on the cheap and used a coat or shirt as a makeshift pillow, but having a good quality camping pillow makes all the different for comfort. This compact easy to inflate camping pillow is a great addition to any avid hikers backpacking gear. 

Camping Mug

Whether it’s a backcountry overnighter or a car camping trip, waking up and enjoying a cup of coffee is a must. Camping mugs are a great idea to gift your coffee loving hiker friend.

I love my camping mugs and own several. I’ve used them on many different types of trips. I really love the mountain design on this one.

Collapsable Camping Bowl

Easy to pack and lightweight, a collapsable camping bowl is great for those multi-day hikes. This bowl compresses down to 1cm making it easy to fit in a backpack. I love my camping bowl, it has come in super useful for all overnight hikes and car camping trips.

Camping/Jetboil Gas

This one may seem like a very boring item to gift someone, but if the hiker in your life already owns everything they could possibly need, things like this come in so useful and help save money. It’s always nice to have a backup camping gas on the go for any last minute backcountry trips. This gift is practical and you’ll know it will get used! 

Camping Utensils

Whether heading out on an overnight, multi-day or car camping trip, a cutlery set will complete any camp kitchen set-up. This super lightweight set is especially great for those backpacking trips in the backcountry where every little counts to save on weight. This set includes a knife, spoon and fork and weighs a total 1.8 ounces. 

Packable Hammock

Hammocks are super fun to bring on any hiking or backpacking trip and pack small enough to not only fit comfortably in a hiking pack… but also in a Christmas stocking! Whether you are using your hammock to sleep for the night or just using it to chill out on a day, this is a great gift for any if your hiking friends. 

Water Bottle

A reliable water bottle is always a must for any hiker. Having a good quality and sturdy water bottle on hand for any hike is not only convenient but helps reduce single-use plastic waste. Nalgene bottles are some of the best out there, they are also super affordable so you don’t have to spend a lot.

Microfibre Towel

A micro-fibre towel is handy for all kinds of trips. I have taken mine traveling, car camping and backcountry camping. Microfibre towels are lightweight and pack down to a small size making them a great hiking companion. They are really versatile and come in many colours and sizes. The quick drying material make them great on any type of camping trip.  

Handy Hiking Gifts


When I first started hiking I was carried almost nothing but water with me. I have learned many lessons since then. My husband always insisted I carry a pocket knife, which I do recommend adding to any hiking essentials kit. This multi-tool is a step up from a pocket knife and is handy on any kind of hiking trip. It includes a pocket knife, as well as scissors, pliers and more.


While binoculars aren’t necessarily a hiking essential, they can great for enjoying views from further away. Many hikers probably won’t purchase them for themselves. These are an extra item the hiker in your life may want to pack if they are heading out on a trail where there will be lots of wildlife or mountain views. They’re also really handy for road trips, especially those through a National Park.

Emergency Whistle

Another cheap and affordable gift to put in any hikers Christmas stocking, are these emergency whistles. While most hikers will find themselves never having to use these, it’s always good to have in case of emergency. 

Hand & Toe Warmers

For the outdoor person who’s always cold or just enjoys hiking in cooler temperatures or winter, hand and toe warmers are always good to have in your pack. My feet are always cold and often go number in the Canadian winters. I use my hand and toe warmers every winter, whether snowshoeing, hiking or ice fishing. This variety pack includes both hand and toe warmers.


A must-carry tool for all hikers, The Lifestraw filters 99.9% of waterborne bacteria. This is another great stocking stuffer for hikers who often re-fill water bottles at outdoor streams and lakes. Although I like to use the water purification tablets for things like my water bladder or bottle, sometimes my Lifestraw is faster. My Lifestraw never leaves my hiking pack so it is always ready for hiking. 

Tenacious Tape

If you have an adventurous hiker in your life that embarks on multi-day hikes or rugged trails, the Tenacious Tape is a great tool to have on hand. These Tenacious Tape patches help temporarily repair holes in hiking pants, sleeping bags, sleeping pads or tents. They are weather resistant and easy to use with peel and stick, no sewing necessary.


Having extra carabiners on hand when hiking, especially on a multi-day hike is super convenient. Carabiners can be used for attaching any items that you need easy access to without having to rummage through a backpack. This is a cheap handy item to help fill a stocking for your favourite hiker. 

Hiking Snacks & Food

Trail Mix

Gifting food in general is always high on my Christmas list. I love trail mix, it’s one of my go to hiking snacks and a great addition to any Christmas stocking. This is something that can be gifted every year and having snacks on hand means your favourite hiker can get up and go whenever they want. 

Clif Bars

A hiker can never have enough protein bars. My personal favourite is the Clif brand and I stock up on these every year so I can grab and go on any last minute hikes. Clif Bars are great for any outdoor adventure, whether it be skiing, hiking, snowshoeing or biking so they are great for your adventurous outdoor friends. 

Electrolyte Packets

Staying hydrated and energized on any hiking trail is super important. These Hydralyte electrolyte packets can be added to any water bottle to give an extra boost on the trail or help with post-hike recovery. This multi-pack includes 3 different flavours and are 100% all natural. 

Justin’s Peanut Butter

I love any hiking treat that can be stored in easy to access pockets. These small packets of Justin’s Peanut Butter are perfect for grabbing a quick energizing snack on the trail without having to stop and rummage through a backpack. They are also light weight, small and so easy to pack. 

Freeze Dried Food

My favourite food for backcountry hiking and camping is from Backpacker’s Pantry. Although freeze dried food isn’t the best food you’ll ever have, it is incredibly practical and easy to pack. Backpacking food doesn’t come cheap however, on average a pack can cost $18 which makes these a great gift for your favourite backpacker’s summer adventures.

Hiking Apparel Stocking Stuffers

Merino Wool Underwear

Comfortable clothing is a must when hiking, and that goes for underwear too. Merino Wool underwear is ideal for any hiker as it wicks sweat and is more hygienic than cotton. I love my merino wool underwear and wear them on every camping trip. This is perfect for any hiker or camper.

Neck Buff

A Neck Buff will not only keep you warm and comfy in the winter, but has a multitude of uses. These are great for any type of hike in the winter, even a short walk. I always go snowshoeing in a scarf and get too warm half way in. These Neck Buffs are great for winter activities as they wick sweat, keep you warm and are thin enough you won’t overheat. 

Sports Bra

I really love hiking in a comfy sports bra, something that is basic and practical. It doesn’t have to be super fancy or lacey. If you are buying for a female hiker in your life that you are close with, a decent hiking bra makes for a great gift. I have a variety of colours and designs but go-tos are super simply like this black bra.

Touchscreen Thermal Gloves

Waterproof on the outside with a soft fleece lining, these touchscreen thermal gloves are a great gift for keen winter hikers or snowshoers. Being touchscreen means never having to remove gloves to access a phone or GPS system, which in the winter months is definitely needed!

Hiking Socks

Most people hate receiving socks for Christmas, hikers on the other hand LOVE IT. Looking after your feet while hiking and being comfortable is a must. Merrell is a trusted brand within the hiking community and their socks are super affordable. A good pair of comfy hiking socks is sure to make any hiker in your life happy! 

Entertainment Hiking Gifts

Solar-Powered Phone Charger

Many hikers and backpackers use their phones as their GPS too, that’s why ensuring a full charge on your phone is important. This power bank can be charged by solar power which is so convenient for multi-day and backcountry hiking. It comes complete with 6 outputs and a built-in LED flashlight. 

Conversation Starters

Stay entertained on the trail with this deck of conversation starter cards. Ranging from through-provoking to goofy, these cards provide endless fun on the trail or campsite. These cards from Basecamp also help the environment, for every deck of cards sold the company will plant a tree in your honour! 

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