How To Find Cascade Falls & Suspension Bridge Near Vancouver BC

Cascade Falls is a 30-metre waterfall and features a cool suspension bridge that allows you to get a closer look at the falls. Its picturesque setting has made it a more popular area in recent years. 

Cascade Falls is an easy hike near Vancouver suitable for all ages and is tucked away in a dense forest near Mission, BC. This short hike is one of Vancouvers off the beaten path places and a great day trip if you are wanting to escape the city.

This post explains how to get to Cascade Falls, what to expect and when to visit. 

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How To Get To Cascade Falls & Map

Cascade Falls is located in Cascade Falls Regional Park in the town of Deroche, close to Mission BC. The Park itself spans a total of 22 hectares but the main attraction is this beautiful waterfall. 

The driving time from Downtown Vancouver is approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes making it a great day trip from Vancouver.

You can get there by taking the Highway 1 towards Hope and then taking exit 73 onto 56 Avenue and then taking Harris road until you reach Highway 11, turn left and keep going. You’ll then need to pick up Highway 7 by turning right. Drive until you reach Sylvester Road, turn left and drive 15 kilometres until you see signs for Cascade Falls. 

The signs are hard to see so make sure you have GPS directions before driving Sylvester Road as you will lose cell signal half way down. The road leads to directly to the parking lot.

For directions, see Google Maps below.

Cascade Falls Hike/Walk

The “hike” to Cascade Falls is more of a walk than anything. It will take you about ten minutes to reach the waterfall from the parking lot. 

From the parking lot you’ll head towards the gravel road which is cordoned off with a gate to stop cars driving any further. Walk past the gate and follow the sign that states “waterfall” with an arrow pointing to the right. This will lead you on a well-maintained trail through a forest that is dense and rich with life.

After a few minutes you will come to some stairs that lead to a wooden boardwalk. This will lead you up to the suspension bridge. The boardwalk crosses over some cool streams and small waterfalls and should only take a few minutes before you reach the top.

Once you arrive at the top of the wooden stairs there is an information board directly opposite and a lookout point that showcases the towering Cascade Falls. 

The suspension bridge is located right next to this lookout. The bridge crosses the Cascade Creek where the water drains into nearby Stave Lake. On the other side of the bridge is another lookout platform that captures the falls from a differing angle. 

As far as suspension bridges go, this one is my favourite as it is super sturdy! I didn’t feel this bridge bounce or sway once, unlike the nearby Capilano or Lynn Canyon suspension bridges. 

Cascade Falls BC Suspension bridge and waterfall
The Cascade Falls suspension Bridge crosses the Cascade Creek.
Cascade Creek runs below the suspension bridge at Cascade Falls and drains into nearby Stave Lake in Mission BC.
The Cascade Creek runs below the suspension bridge

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When To Visit Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls is a beautiful area to visit year-round. We were here on a rainy day and I absolutely loved it. The falls and suspension bridge look amazing in the rain and the forest perfectly frames the falls to allow natural light to illuminate it. 

Coming on a rainy day has it perks too! There are normally less people here when it rains and it really gives you that ultimate PNW experience. 

If you do decide to visit Cascade Falls on a rainy day, I recommend bringing a good rain coat so you can fully enjoy the experience. I love my Columbia Arcadia II rain coat and cannot recommend it enough – It’s the coat I am wearing in the photos above, so I know how well it stands up to the rain! 

If the rain isn’t your thing, visiting in the summer is also a great option as the area is full of picnic tables and nearby walks. 

Cascade Falls Mission is one of many waterfalls near Vancouver
Cascade Falls from the second lookout platform.

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