What To Wear On A Hiking Date in 2023

You’ve set a date and decided to go hiking – congrats! Deciding what to wear on a hiking date can be tricky. You want to be practical but also want to look cute while hiking. Hiking can be a great date idea as it gives you plenty of views and areas to explore and talk about. 

There are many important things to think about when deciding on a hiking date. What season is it? What level of hiking experience do you both have? Or what trail will you decide on? While a hiking date can be super fun, it’s also important to remember to be practical and safe.

This post will help you decide how to dress for a hiking date and what to choose for your hiking date outfit. 

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Outfit ideas for a hiking date

Things To Keep In Mind For A Hiking Date

  • What kind of trail will you be hiking? Is it a short trail? Is it steep, or easy and flat?
  • Will there be cell signal? Are you heading into the backcountry? 
  • What kind of experience do you have? Thinking about what type of hiker you are and what level of hiking experience you have prior is important to determine what kind of clothing you may need. 
  • What season will you be hiking in? Hiking trail conditions differ from season to season so you may need additional equipment in seasons like Winter or Fall. 
  • Choose a trail that both you are your date can handle. It’s no fun if one of you is trailing behind the other.
  • Don’t forget accessories! Looking cute while hiking is awesome but don’t forget safety. I document all my favourite hiking accessories and must-haves in this section below. 
Hiking outfit ideas for hiking date

Is Going On A Hike A Good First Date?

If you’re the outdoorsy type or even want to explore nature then hiking dates can be lots of fun. There is tons to talk about on hiking trails and every corner offers something new. 

There are many hiking trails out there from short walks in the parks to steep mountainous terrain. It’s important to discuss the trail you’ll take beforehand and make sure the hike is suitable for both parties prior to heading out. 

What to bring for a hiking date

What To Wear On A Hiking Date

So you’re wondering how to dress for a hiking date? Dressing for comfort is the most important thing when hiking but you can still find cute outfits to wear hiking. Day hikes are recommended for hiking dates and something both parties can enjoy. Below are my top picks for every season.

Hiking Boots / Shoes

When it comes to choosing a pair of hiking boots, practicality over fashion is more important. There are of course many cute hiking boots out there!

Boots are great for longer and steeper hikes but you can also opt for a pair of trail runners which many hikers prefer. Ideally you will want a pair of shoes with good grip and traction. If you are heading out on an easier trail with flat terrain, a standard pair of runners can work too.

Depending on the type of terrain, you may also want to wear a pair of hiking sandals. These are great in the summer months when conditions are dry. 

  • Hiking Sandals – Tevas or Chacos (great in summer!)

Hiking Tops

What you wear while hiking will depend on the seasons and conditions of the trail. Even in summer it can rain so checking the weather ahead of your hike is a great way to prepare your hiking date outfit. 

  • Sports Bra – A sports bra is always a must for me, and it has to look cute! Wearing brightly coloured clothing while hiking is a must for me, including sports bras.
  • Workout Top – A loose workout top is great for staying cool in hotter weather. I really like my Under Armour workout tops, they also happen to be colourful! 
  • Merino Wool Long-Sleeve Top – Layering is important when heading out on any hiking trail as conditions can change at a moments notice. Merino Wool is a fantastic material for hiking as it’s moisture wicking and helps regulate body temperature. It’s also very hygienic – which means if you get a little sweaty (which is to be expected) on your hiking date, your date is less likely to notice. A win-win for everyone. 
  • Thin Flannel Shirt – Flannel shirts aren’t really ideal for hiking as they’re thick and made of cotton. But if you want a cute shirt that you can put on to take pics at the summit of viewpoint of your date hike, these make for great accessories. 
  • Rain Coat – Hiking in the rain can sometimes be super fun, unless you are unprepared. Bringing a foldable raincoat that can fit in your day pack will save your date from ending early! 

Hiking Bottoms

For many women, hiking in leggings is their go-to. For most day hikes leggings are more than sufficient. They are great for movement and good quality leggings have moisture wicking properties. Spandex biking shorts are also a great option on warmer days. 

For longer hikes through forests you may want to opt for a sturdier pair of hiking pants as leggings can get caught on branches are rip. 

Accessories & Hiking Essentials

Looking good on a hiking date is great but don’t forget to pack the hiking essentials. You might want to dress to impress but being prepared on the trail is even more important. A day pack is great for all your extra layers too. 

  • Day pack – The Osprey Tempest 20 is designed specifically for women and is the best day pack I’ve ever had. 
  • Water bottle – Remember to stay hydrated on your hiking date.
  • Hat – Great for those hikes with little to no shade. 
  • Snacks – At some point on your hiking date you’ll probably want to take a rest and have some snacks.
  • Hiking socks – Good hiking socks are always a good idea to ensure maximum comfort. 
  • Sunglasses – Even on a cloudy day it can be bright, sunglasses are a must!
  • Sunscreen – Even on the cooler days you can get burnt from the sun, bring your sunscreen to protect your skin. 
  • Bug spray – There is nothing worse than spending your whole hiking date itching and scratching, remember the bug spray! 
How to dress for a hiking date

What Not To Wear On A Hiking Date

Runners with no grip – Shoes with good traction are going to make your hiking date much more enjoyable and help avoid injuries or falls. 

Do not wear jeans – Yes jeans are cute. No they are not suitable for hiking. Jeans limit movement and will retain moisture. I have hiked short hikes in jeans and they are not comfortable or practical. I have regretted the few times I’ve hiked in jeans. 

No Summer Dresses – Another item of clothing that I’ve attempted hikes in. While a summer dress will look cute in photos they are horribly uncomfortable on hiking trails and the bugs will love you. 

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